Hello kids! Welcome to Hatchlink Jr. My name is Teacher Edra! I'm a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English. Teaching is really my passion and I want to teach kids like you, not only head to head but heart to heart. So what are you waiting for kids, let's learn English together and have fun. See you in my class!
Hello there kids! My name is Teacher Nena and welcome to Hatchlink Jr. I am a graduate of Bachelor in Elementary Education. I like watching animes like Naruto and Dragon Balls and most especially Hayao Miyazaki’s creations. I also love reading books and telling stories to kids. So join me as we explore the colorful world of English in a fun and easy way. Hope to see you soon!
Hello there kids! My name is Teacher Nicole and welcome to Hatchlink Jr. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Information Systems. One of my favorite subjects is English because I find it fun to learn and I want to share the fun of learning it with you. I always spend my free time reading different types of books especially English ones because that is where I have improved my skills in English. I am excited to share a lot of things and I look forward to learning and studying with you! See you in my class!
Hi kids! Welcome to Hatchlink Jr. My name is teacher Keziah. I'm a graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education major in General Education. Every Sunday I go to church and teach kids how to sing and dance. I have a cheerful personality and bubbly mouth that can motivate you. My motto in life is “Do the best until you can". Let's enjoy learning English together. See you in my class!
Hi Kiddos! I am Teacher Ivy. I love kids so much for I am the eldest in my family. I love to eat sweets, sing RNB songs, dance to jolly musics and most of the time I love to read romantic novels. I love the color Skyblue for it looks like the sky. I also have a pet named Brownie and it's a dog. I am happy to see you in my class and I will do my very best to make our everyday lessons a memorable and a happy one. Once again I am teacher Ivy at your service. I can't wait to see you!
Hi! Welcome to Hatchlink Jr.! My name is Teacher Honey. I love to read books and listen to music. I also love watching Asian dramas and movies every night. (hearteyes) In my free time I like to make poems and practice with my in-line skates. I have tried doing Kendo but I am not that good at it, so I stopped. (cwl) I like to spend time with kids and play with them. I would love to have you in my class and help you improve with your English skills. :) Let's have fun learning the English language together! :D
Hello, there! My name is Teacher Angelyn and welcome to Hatchlink Jr. I'm here to help you develop your skills in speaking the English language. Learning and speaking English is one of the things I enjoyed the most as building relationships with other people especially Kids like you. I'd love to sing, play, read books, and tell stories to kids. Learning English is fun so let's learn and have fun together. Looking forward to speaking with you soon. It gives me joy and excitement to meet you. See yah!
Hi Kids! Welcome to Hatchlink Jr! My name is Teacher Polly. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English! I love to share my speaking and writing skills. I want to help people who have difficulty in learning English. So, if you think, English is difficult, I can still change your mind. Be part of Hatchlink Jr. and experience the teaching-learning process with fun! I hope to see you in my class!
Hello, there kids! I am teacher Nica. I absolutely love and enjoy teaching kids. I had some teaching experience when I volunteered to be a catechist in our church. I'd like to sing, dance, read, and play with you. I also enjoy art, and can sketch and paint. Learning English is fun. I'm excited to finally meet you. See you in my class!
Hello, everybody! It's Teacher Chris! I am a teacher, a learner and a friend! I love being with kids, and I always feel like I'm brought to a whole new dimension with their awesome imagination! My hobbies are playing music, singing, reading and writing short stories and well... talking! It's good to be able to talk to people with confidence! Would you like to speak English with confidence? Come join me! Let's hang out,play and learn English together! See you in my class! I'm rooting for you!
Hi! Welcome to Hatchlink Jr.! I am teacher Joann. I usually spend my free time talking and learning with kids in our church and local community. My desire is to see you enjoying what you do. And I am at my happiest when I see you laughing and enjoying in my class. In our class, we will not just study English. We will discover and learn from each other as well! So let the FUN begin! See you!
Hi! I am teacher Kan. I like singing, dancing, and acting. I also love art. I make comics, doodles, and paintings. I love English and I also love to teach. So, if you want to have fun while learning English, book your class now. I have friends who will be joining us in class and here is 'Bunny'. "Hi! My name is Bunny and I am a rabbit. I hope to see you soon!"
Hello Kids! Welcome to Hatchlink Jr! I am Teacher Kristine! I'm a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Music, Arts, Physical Education, and Health. I'm very fond of teaching students, not just because it's my work but because it's my passion. I love to dance, sing, and watch a movie. I also believe that learning a new language is to have one more window from which to look at the other world. Hoping to be part of your journey in learning the English language! See you here at Hatchlink Jr!
Hi Kids! My name is Teacher Manuel and welcome to Hatchlink Jr. I am a graduate of Stewarding Course. So I know how to cook and make drinks. I love reading English books, watching movies, swimming, and watching anime specially Naruto Kun. Well, Teacher Manuel can sing English songs as well as write English poems. I really want to know more about different cultures from different countries. Come and join us as we learn English and together let us make learning, fun! Hatchlink Jr. is for everyone!
Hello kids! I'm teacher Iyah. I experienced teaching children when I volunteered in our Sunday School and I can say that I had so much fun in imparting to them my knowledge, especially when we're doing it through singing and dancing. In our class, we will also sing and dance if you want to, but of course we will never compromise learning the English language. Learning a different thing shouldn't have a lot of pressure, so I encourage you to enroll and be a part of the Hatchlink Junior now! I hope to see you in my class :)
Hello there kids! My name is Teacher Mary. I'd love to dance, sing and play with you. Let us learn English together because learning English is fun. Let us paint colors to your English world here at Hatchlinkjr. Join me as I teach you the fun way. I'm so excited to be your teacher. I'm looking forward to meeting you. See you around.
Hello there kids! Welcome to Hatchlink Jr. My name is Teacher Ced. I am always pleased to teach kids. I adore Japanese culture especially mangas and anime. It is a luxury to share my knowledge and skills with you. I want to guide you on how to study English the Cedric's way :) Let's enjoy our adventure together. Follow me here as we unfold the treasure of English!
Hello pretty and cute kids! Welcome to Hatchlink Jr.! My name is teacher May. I'm a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in English Language.I love to read English novels and detective books. I also love to play the flute and to travel to different places! But there is one thing I love most, and that is teaching kids like you. So join me here, and let's have fun while learning English. See you soon!
Hi Kids!!! My name is Teacher Jula. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in English with Specialization in Communication. I have a four-year old nephew. I love to play with him in my free time. Teacher Jula can sing, dance and play with other kids too. But of course, we will not forget to study English language. Let's make learning English language so fun. Enroll and be part of the Hatchlink Jr now. I hope to see you in my class!
Hi kids! Welcome to Hatchlink Jr., I am teacher Sheng! Growing up I've always been surrounded with kids because I am the eldest in both sides of my family. Since then, it has always been a joy for me to interact with kids! Having a sibling with special needs taught me to be very patient, understanding and loving. In my class, we'll sing lots of songs, share stories, play games and make learning fun and exciting! Let's study the English language together. Looking forward to meet you!
Hello Kids! Welcome to Hatchlink Jr! My name is Teacher Eden. I consider teaching as my “calling.” Seeing my students learn something from me gives me a sense of fulfillment and happiness. I’m willing to teach you the English language in a very exciting and fun way! I will do my best to guide you and together we will discover the exciting world of English. So join me here at Hatchlink Junior, where learning is fun. I am looking forward to see you in my class!
Hi kids! Welcome to Hatchlink Jr.! My name is Teacher Roselle. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education major in General Education and also a Licensed Teacher. I’ve been a teacher for more than 6 years. Adept at using positive reinforcement teaching techniques to encourage student behavior and growth. I love to sing, dance and watch movies. Let’s have fun while learning! See you in my class!
Hi, kids! My name is Teacher Harry and I love children. I am a student nurse that takes care of child patients in the hospital. When I'm not working in the hospital or teaching English, I teach kids how to play musical instruments. I can play the drums, piano, guitar, and more. I just love helping kids become the best that they can be. In my class we'll have fun as we sing songs, play games, and learn the English language. So what are you waiting for? Come join us here at Hatchlink Jr. I hope to see you soon!
Hello lovely kids! Welcome to Hatchlink Jr. My name is Teacher Sam. I do really have that passion in teaching kids like you. I enjoy watching cartoons and japanese anime. Listening to music and story telling are my favorites. I also love to teach English lessons for the kids because I believe that through Communication we can gain more learnings. So kids, let's enjoy and discover beautiful things as we study the English Language. I am looking forward to having you in my class. Be a part of Hatchlink Jr. See You! (^_^)
Hello, Kids! Welcome to Hatchlink Jr. My name is Teacher Khacy! I love reading books, dancing and drawing. I always had this dream of becoming a preschool teacher because I enjoy playing with kids, as well as, teaching them new things! Learning the English language is important. That is why, I will try my best to share my knowledge with you. I hope you will give me a chance to be a part of your journey in learning English. I'm looking forward to see you here at Hatchlink Jr., where we will make learning English a whole lot of fun
Hi kids, welcome to Hatchlink Jr! My name is Teacher Matty. I like to read, write, play, and watch anime. I love to learn new things and sharing the things that I know. One of these things is the English language and I am hoping that I could impart my knowledge to you. Together, we will learn and have fun at the same time. So join us here at Hatchlink Jr. and let's learn together!
Hello! Welcome to Hatchlink Jr. I'm Teacher Shaira and I'm fond of reading english books and watching movies. I'm responsible, patient, and I’ve always been passionate about teaching children. Moreover, I'm very eager to teach kids and help them learn and understand new things or words. So,see you in my class!
Hi kids! Welcome to Hatchlkink Jr! My name is Teacher Angel. I am Sabbath school teacher at our church. I teach little kids to sing,dance, we play and I also read them bible stories. I also play violin and I do violin classes for beginners. It would be my privilege to impart my knowledge to you. Let's make our class fun and lively. Come with me and let's enjoy Learning English. I'm really excited to be your teacher! Live love Hatchliknk Jr.
Hello Kids! Welcome to Hatchlink Jr.! My Name is Teacher Victoria. I am a College student taking up Bachelor of Arts in English. I used to teach my nieces and nephews before, and that's where I realized that I love teaching , and I am excited to share this passion with you. I hope that we will have a great adventure learning the English language. So , join me here at Hatchlink Jr., and let's explore and enjoy together. I hope to see you soon!!
読書、旅行、 映画鑑賞
Hi Kids. Welcome to Hatchlink Jr. I'm teacher PJ. I have backgrounds in Literature and Communication. My part time job before is tutoring grade school students. I love to read books, watch Japanese cartoons and travel. I love little children like you and I look forward to play and sing with you. I am a very nice and funny person. Teaching English is my passion and I want to share to you my knowledge about English. So come on! Join me and let's study English while having fun.